Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Alert ding ding ding.

purchase here:click listing here:click it appears... there is 500 owed and a lien for 25k filed on Feb 2/1/10.

consider 943 S.E.10th was only asking 415k?? don't know if sold yet. owners records havent changed, still shows an LP from Chase in October.

3316 N.E. 40th in Bermuda Rivera sold for 590k. nice house with pool.
click and approx 14k/year taxes. But that was bermuda riviera not pompano beach.

banksters fumble:click a parrot !!!

by the way, we know of someone who bought and bailed on their first home, borrowed heavily to buy their new... home and just got refinanced even though they walked away from the first. Is this a great country or what....

bankster's buzz words:click

Mad Max plunger of the day:
Here is a recent tract home McMansion foreclosure recorded 3/12that is a whopping 60% off the purchase price brand new from the builder. This baby sports an impressive 4200 sq ft.

Purchased new: 9/2006 for $812K
CET: 2/25/2010 for $327K

That is a $485K loss.

How does the $327K sale affect the adjacent.

Purchased: 9/2006 for $920K
Purchased: 10/2006 for $872K


2500 sq ft Max.

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Anonymous said...

Here is a brand new (13 hours ago) MLS listing for a 4896 sq ft massive tract home McMansion with a major price hammering. This baby is sporting a real impressive sq ft number even though the property record says 4259 sq ft.

ON MLS: R3095312 asking $420K

Purchased: 5/2005 for $755K

This asking price of $420K is exactly the same price paid brand new from the builder in 5/2001 WOW!

2500 sq ft Max.