Monday, March 15, 2010


or who you gonna believe?click question, isnt it beneficial to keep prices higher resulting in higher commissions?

Riding the waves:click

Homebuilders cant compete:click


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Anonymous said...

Our latest tract home McMansion with a massive price pounding. Listing says 3455 sq ft, record shows 2847. Lets assume 3455 is correct, how can you pay $829K for 3455 sq ft...if the faucets were 14K gold I can see it.

ON MLS: D1292639 as of 17 hours ago asking $380K

Purchased: 10/2007 for $829K

That is a $449K (54%) loss in just over 2 years time.

How does the $380K asking price affect the adjacent?

Purchased: 11/2007 for $629K
Purchased: 8/2007 for $892K


2500 sq ft Max.