Thursday, March 25, 2010


guess what, mortgage delinquencies rise:click

5 years:click

Half of all modified mtgs fault again, wonder why that is hmmmmm....
click as in perhaps it was a ninja loan to begin with?

standing alone:click

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Anonymous said...

Here we have the latest tract home McMansion taking a major price pounding. On the MLS as of 14 hours ago. This baby sports a rather impressive 4200 sq ft.

MLS: M1379795 asking $395K
Purchased: 5/2007 for $793K

That is a $398K (50%) loss.

Hows does the $395K asking price affect the adjacent.

Purchased: 12/2006 for $696K
Purchased: 4/2009 for $415K
(this was also a foreclosure original price new in 2007 was $795K)

2500 sq ft Max.