Wednesday, March 17, 2010

plunger alert

thanks to 2500 sq ft max again...
Our latest tract home McMansion with a massive price pounding. Listing says 3455 sq ft, record shows 2847. Lets assume 3455 is correct, how can you pay $829K for 3455 sq ft...if the faucets were 14K gold I can see it.

ON MLS: D1292639 as of 17 hours ago asking $380K

Purchased: 10/2007 for $829K

That is a $449K (54%) loss in just over 2 years time.

How does the $380K asking price affect the adjacent?

Purchased: 11/2007 for $629K
Purchased: 8/2007 for $892K


2500 sq ft Max.

well done Max.

We looked at which is supposed to be a free site for foreclosures,
our experience only was aw...... maybe. perhaps yours will be better.

Plunger alert ding ding ding.
FB lighthouse point now in the 3,s....

purchase here 890k: click

Listing here:click



140 dollars per sq foot said...

That home at
2420 Ne 51St St Lighthouse Point, FL 33064, MLS# D1292639, is listed at 2000 ft sq, which sounds accurate, if not a little high.
If you google the address, you can get a street view. It's a typical Lhp ranch with a very LOW fixed bridge.
Only the smallest of boats can escape the attractive lagoon it's located on.
They typical floor plan on that street is a low roof 15-1800 sq ft ranch, circa 1950's, with a single car garage and terrazzo floors and flamingo pink and green Florida tile bathrooms. LOL
Nonetheless, that is a very impressive plunge!
It looks like the last owner caught the falling knife.
LHP has been a little quiet of late, calm before the storm?

Anonymous said...

Here is a recent tract home McMansion foreclosure recorded 3/12that is a whopping 60% off the purchase price brand new from the builder. This baby sports an impressive 4200 sq ft.

Purchased new: 9/2006 for $812K
CET: 2/25/2010 for $327K

That is a $485K loss.

How does the $327K sale affect the adjacent.

Purchased: 9/2006 for $920K
Purchased: 10/2006 for $872K


2500 sq ft Max.