Saturday, March 6, 2010


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last line is hilarous: having your eyelids burned off from what you read....
but true to the point in my opinion.

the year of the short sale:click what if the short sale price is still way over priced??

the american way:click

consumers balk:click


Anonymous said...

This tract home McMansion is not a major price reduction and resulting loss but is interesting in that the asking price is way less than the brand new price from the builder 8 years ago. This baby sports an impressive 3900 sq ft.

ON MLS: H872605 asking $300K

Purchased: 7/2003 for $360K

That is 16% under the price new 8 years ago. More evidence that the tract home McMansion market is being hammered...what is going to happen the government pulls support for housing and interest rates rise...who can buy these monsters then.

2500 sq ft Max.

Anonymous said...

Purchased 7/2002 for $360K, sorry for the mistake in previous post.

2500 sq ft Max.

Anonymous said...

And yet another not holding its value and now a major price roll on this tract home McMansion. It is 9 hours new on MLS and sports a rather modest 3300 sq ft.

ON MLS: M1375281 asking $325K

Purchased: 5/2004 for $398K

That is $73K (18%) less than the price brand new 6 years ago.

2500 sq ft Max.