Sunday, November 7, 2010


we are back.... busy with the boat show and yes we actually sold some widget ., singular.unexpectedly I might add.

So anyways.... prices going to fall another 20 percent kiddies....
click Shilling thinks so anyways.

and over at Housting story. September the fifth worst on record. click and yes B of A back to business as usual.

And here's another pretty little chart to explain why:


a tale of two cities:


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Anonymous said...

Tract home McMansion just closed with a whopping $557K (63%) loss from the price paid brand new 3/2007. This baby sports an impressive 4203 sq ft.

Purchased new: 3/2007 for $887K
Sold: 10/2010 for $330K

How does unloading at $78 per sq ft affect the adjacent.

Purchased: 5/2007 for $741K
Purchased: 2/2007 for $751K
2500 sq ft Max.