Sunday, November 14, 2010


Underwater blues:click

and yes there is a polygamist with a lexus. Sister Wives on one of those discovery channels. As a big fan of "big Love" I watched it once and found it oh hum.
we can't wait for the next installation of Boardwalk Empire though. We cant imagine where they got all of those lamps, cigarette cases etc. its simply amazing. Its almost as much fun watching the antigues as it is the story line.

foreclosures are not going away:


Zillow thinks housing may bottom first half of 2011..??? dont think so especially here but then what do I know. click

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Anonymous said...

We have our latest tract home McMansion that just closed as of 12/7/2010. This is a big one sporting 4592 sq ft.

Sold for $83 per sq ft (take that 140). That is $147K (27%) less than brand new over 7 years ago.

More evidence the McMansion prices are being clobbered.

2500 sq ft Max.