Friday, April 9, 2010


up and away:click

Plunger alert; ding ding ding: here is a cute little cottage; purchased in 04
for 485k; click
looks if mortgage is for 385k, if I read the record correcty. on the market for 56 days at: $399.00 click we predict high 2,s low 3,s.

Here's another with a wish price;click complete with fire hydrant. according to my reading of the records 950k is owed. purchased for;
clickbeen on the market for over 600 days...

rmbs up in every state:click

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Anonymous said...

Just listed tract home McMansion asking 50% ($407K) off the brand new purchase price. This baby sports a rather modest 3400 sq ft.

ON MLS: H873896 asking $400K
Purchased: 11/2006 for $807K

How does the $400K asking price affect the adjacent.

Purchased: 10/2006 for $1,032,000
Purchased: 10/2006 for $997,600

Oh my!

2500 sq ft Max.