Wednesday, April 7, 2010

No mcMansions

at least not in Palm Beach County historic districts:click

Here's what the inventory really looks like:click

Foreclosures slide : so say:click

I see the used house salesmen not posting the addresses on certain homes. big secrets??
here's one: click purchase here;clickadverted as a short sale, bank united filed an LP on 3/16/10 and b of a filed on 1/81/0 listing says unit leased. wonder if the lessee persons know about the lp's?

New rules:click


Anonymous said...

Here is a recent foreclosure sale on a tract home McMansion recorded 4/2/2010. This one had its price pounded straight into the ground and sold for $337K. This baby sports a rather modest 3600 sq ft.

Purchased brand new 11/2006 for $867K.

That is a $530K (61%) loss and makes it a member of the $.5 million loss club.

How does this $337K selling price affect the adjacent.

Purchased: 11/2009 for $436K
Purchased: 11/2006 for $872K

Oh my my!

2500 sq ft Max.

Anonymous said...

The problem with putting addresses on MLS listings is that people will immediately lookup a zillow on it and find out the asking price is seriously inflated.

The prospective buyer must contact the selling agent.

2500 sq ft Max

140 dollars per sq foot said...

Interesting, looks like they paid $540k in 2003 and now are asking $665k? That's why they don't list the address.
Nice location for Pompano, but they need to drop their price to $4-$500k range.