Friday, April 2, 2010


Generation Y not interested in Mcmansions:click

gut job:click

Its a mirage:click

Sand states:click

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Anonymous said...

Excellent article on Gen Y and really says what I have being saying since 2003 about these tract home McMansions.

If you own one of these monsters then you are in serious trouble because there are NO BUYERS for these at the prices you paid. Buying monsters in order to make the statement that they have "arrived" is a serious mistake.

The $6K tax credit for move up buyers is nothing, they no longer have the equity in existing home to sell and "move up" anywhere.

Ageing baby boomers DO NOT want this amount of space and the expense that goes with it.

As the article stated GEN Y is not concered with making a statement with one of these tract home McMansions they would rather spend money more practically.

Bottom line, these tract McMansions will contimue to fall in value.

2500 sq ft Max