Thursday, April 8, 2010



house mentioned yesterday. from what i read is heavily indebted. there are two lp's filed according to what I read. thats why they are asking 665 and adverted as short sale. I wasnt interested enough to look up the loan amounts. Bet is goes back to the bank/s.

Jumbo increased defaults:click August is going to be interesting with the recasts on these loans.

Plunger Alert: looks like this was has been around since 08: click
listing here;click

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Anonymous said...

Entitlement article is so true. When people felt they were "entitled" to that massive tract home McMansion to make the statement that they have arrived, builders were only too happy to accomodate and build these massive homes. If that was not enough, when they thought their house was going up in value, they tapped the equity and got the 700 series.

In these neighborhoods they are experiencing 30% LP's filed and this trend will continue. Look at the past due rates on Florida's Jumbo Loans.

Ms J you are correct wait till these loans reset, this is not gonna be pretty.

2500 sq ft Max.