Wednesday, February 17, 2010

shadow inventory

but then you knew this:click

plunger alert thanks to 140. purchase here for 620k: click

Listing here:click no pool but to me its on par with the harvest gold stove unit for 800k. we find no mortgages, but then that doesnt mean anything.

the coming deluge:click

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Anonymous said...

More evidence of the tract home McMansion market taking a beating.
This is a new 21 hours ago listing, for a tract home McMansion that is sporting a respectable 3800 sq ft.

ON MLS: M1371297 asking $355K
Purchased: 6/2006 for $667K

That is over 300K (47%) percent loss.

How does the $355K affect the adjacent:

Purchased: 6/2006 for $692K
Purchased: 6/2006 for $661K

Oh my!!!!!!!

2500 sq ft Max.