Wednesday, June 9, 2010


told yah... act surprised would


140 dollars per sq foot said...

1999 Prices? No Fixed Bridge short water nicely updated for $399k
"Bank approved short sale. Lowest priced waterfront property with no fixed bridges. Only eight houses to the intercoastal. Great opportunity to purchase this property on large lot. Expand the house to the west and build 2nd floor for more space. Granite top kitchen, wood cabinets, SS appliances and gas stove/oven. Docking for boat approx 32+ ft.
mls # F1004008"

140 dollars per sq foot said...

It's been eerily quiet on the mls.
What with all the shadow inventory and defaults, really makes one wonder what they are up to.
Don't see many posts from 2500 either, my guess is the Mcmansion market has slowed too.
We were down a few weeks ago for a much needed week off, and we are finding our passion is moving from LHP to South Beach.
We are really thinking SB may be where we look for a home in the future.

Anonymous said...

Been busy lately, so therefore the lack of posts 140. Well here is ourl latest tract home McMansion that is 2 days new ot the MLS, actually it is back again with a new price and it is a major price pounding. This baby sports a very impressive 4470 sq ft.

MLS: D1359871 as of 2 days ago asking $430K

Purchased: 4/2007 for $1.1 million. This is NOT a misstype over $1 mil for a tract home McMansion.

Loss of $671K (61%) Oh my my!

How does the unloading at $430K affect the adjacent.

Purchased: 4/2007 for $1,011,400 again over $1 mil.

Purchased: 4/2008 for $715K

2500 sq ft Max.

Anonymous said...

I am seeing very little activity on the MLS as far as tract home McMansions. There are a few listings where you have to shake your head and wonder what are these people thinking. This is not 2003 and if you way over paid for your tract home better pray a village idiot comes along and buys it.

Alas...all the village idiots have since wandered off. You have no luck unloading at the price you paid.

I have seen many articles lately about tract home McMansions and how they will be become multi-generational housing. Very interesting since there are zero move up buyers anymore since they have qualify for loans now days and have no equity in existing homes for down payments.

Bottom line is that if you puchased one of these tract behemoths, you are in deep do do.

2500 sq ft Max.