Friday, June 18, 2010

Buyers picky

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August is coming with recasts galore, throw in oil contamination and a hurricane and we would be in deep trouble.

No recovery in sight:

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got the hardware out of my wrist last friday..

South Beach, we lived there for 2 years at Sunset Harbour Marina on our boat.

What it is, fun, great restaurants, great gyms, events. The down side, grocery shopping is a nightmare, so is anything to do with getting a prescription filled,
buying a home item, only one small hardware store and parking is a nightmare to do any of the above. 12-15 to park at a restaurant, no free valet there and isolation from real world needs.

Fun place to visit but I wouldnt want to live there again,

Ms. J


140 dollars per sq foot said...

Plunger Alert!
mls# F1079459
Sold for $969K in 2005
On the market for $375k

Great opportunity to buy a waterfront property, ocean access, no fixed bridges. Special addendums upon acceptance. All offers to include a pre-qual. from Wells Fargo or POF for cash offers. Sellers to designate title company + provide policy. As per Seller, offers not considered until after 7 calendar days on the market. Only Municiple, Non-profit, Owner Occ. offers days 8-12. ALL offers considered after day 13 on the market.

140 dollars per sq foot said...

Glad to hear they removed your hardware ms J!
Does that mean you can pass through metal detectors again? lol
Good points on Sobe. We plan on spending some time there, hopefully this winter to get the feel.
But shopping is no small issue, it's one of the things we loved about LHP.
We already noticed the horrendous parking situation.
How long ago did you reside there?

Anonymous said...

I had mentioned in my last post about seeing tract home McMansion listings down. This is a height of the selling season. Many appear to have given up and have not found anyone willing to give them the price that they over paid for these behemoths.

You also see listings where people are holding out hope for a village idiot, these you just want to shake you head and wonder what are these people thinking....?

Here is a story of 2 identical tract home McMansions (except the outside paint color they look absolutely identical down to the sq ft of 4203)

MLS: D1373954 asking $899K listed 190 days ago.
MLS: D1399356 asking $380K listed 32 days ago.

What makes identical tract home McMansions differ in price by $519K. The higher priced one has a pool and is on the lake front but $.5 million more for that.

This is totally insane!!!!!!!!!

2500 sq ft Max.