Saturday, April 2, 2011

So anyways...

Been snooping around at WF lots, just for fun. saw one on the N. Fork of the new river, couldnt understand why the sellers were selling, they just put in a dock and bought the lot from Sterling bank last year, so the used house salesman was nice enough to reply, that the sellers were going to build their dream house but "nuts" from the historical district turned their dream into a nighmare and they are selling. un quote. what's that say for future buyers.... not much.

I forgot how scary the govt cant be. I met a girl a few years back that was building a small house on the water, she was from Chicago, she said she had the worst experience in 20 plus years with the building police. Now whether thats true or not, I dont know but makes cause for concern. I have since aborted all plans for a WF lot in the city. Things like having to get a building permit for new cabinets, and of course adds to value add to tax base. To rigid for me.

Years ago they wanted to get rid of all the boats and wanted to institute a no renting of docks period, they still wont allow open advert of same and if you had a nosey neighbor what would happen if they happen to rat on you for having a friends boat in your front yard??

Meanwhile as you know the case shiller fell again, surprise surprise.

Nice little chart to read before you buy or sell your home: click


140 dollars per sq foot said...

Excellent post Ms J.
Maybe I'm getting old, and too cautious, but it seems to me our gov is really making life impossible for Americans.
They have their nose up everyone's butt, and appear to be run by the corporations, with no concern for the average citizen and certainly not the small business.
Perhaps I'm jaded, but I think that the real problem is, that the blinders have been removed, and I don't buy the mainstream media hype any more.
I see where they are talking about converting several lanes on Glades Road into toll lanes.
That's just wrong.

140 dollars per sq foot said...

Not sure what to make of the article in today's SS.
Excerpt below.

Angry and exasperated by faulty foreclosure documents, judges throughout Florida are hitting back by increasingly dismissing cases and boldly accusing lawyers of "fraud upon the court."

A Palm Beach Post review of cases in state and appellate courts found judges are routinely dismissing cases for questionable paperwork. Although in most cases the bank is allowed to refile the case with the appropriate documents, in a growing number of cases judges are awarding homeowners their homes free and clear after finding fraud upon the court.