Tuesday, March 22, 2011

we are still here

havent forgotten. guess where the worst housing markets are, you will never guess:

Zip realty folded their tent.. wonder what that says.??? I was surprised.

Still builders asking highly inflated prices (in my view) around here. say like at the top of the bubble? wonder who will buy/?? guess they havent gotten the memo and who would build a development now?.

Nobodys home:

Help I have fallen and cant get up: click


140 dollars per sq foot said...

Welcome back Ms J!
Looks like zip maybe shut down the S Fla office?
When I googled zip, they still have an Orlando search option.
I forgot about them, I use your MLS link and a local realtor for my searches.
Lots of deals out there in 55 plus condos!!!

Anonymous said...

I have been an avid reader for this blog for the last few years. Finally sold my house in novi MI (one of the better towns in SE Michigan) for 93/sqft, 25% less than I bought in 1997 and just moved to Fort Lauderdale yesterday(staying in a motel for now). I would like to meet some of the regulars on this blog like 140 dollar and 2500sqft. You can contact me at ajosephmiATyahooDOTcom. The beers on me.