Monday, August 23, 2010

Plunge Alert

Exisitng home sales plunge; imagine that...

Homes no longer a path to wealth :click 20 years????existitng home sales

Fla realtors get bp dollars:


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Anonymous said...

Here is a plunge (price not sales) on tract home McMansion foreclosure. This baby sports a rather modest 3600 sq ft.

MLS: M1412698 as of 15 hours ago asking $325K

Purchased: 8/2006 for $787K

This is a $462K (59%) loss.

How does a forclosure being unloaded at $325K affect the adjacent.

Purchased: 8/2006 for $724K
Purchased: 8/2006 for $778K

Oh my my!!!!!

2500 sq ft Max.