Sunday, August 22, 2010


are now ixnay in Fort Lauderdale:click

Huge mess coming:click

15 signs headed for total collapse:click

my view, in about 60-90 days from now, those recasts that are happening will start the foreclosure ball steaming along. All those catch me if you can, loans will now be
escalated to points unpredicted.

more foreclosures of builders:


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Anonymous said...

Major price pounding on this tract home McMansion. Tract home Mcmansions were fashionable in 2006and people paid dearly. No so today. This baby sports a rather impressive 3950 sq ft.

MLS: M1411781 asking $450K
Purchased: 11/2006 for $965K

This is a member of the $.5 million loss club 53% loss.

2500 sq ft Max.