Friday, July 23, 2010


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Anonymous said...

Here is our latest tract home McMansion with a major price pounding. This baby sports a rather modest 3400 sq ft.

MLS: D1409615 as of 20 hours ago asking $375K
Purchased: 5/2005 for $650K

Same asking price as brand new 9 years ago. This is a $275K loss.

There is a reality setting in as people clearly see the 2010 market values from the property assessor. Theey are not gong to get rich on these massive tract home Mcmansions in fact just the opposite. There will be more and more of these as the people that are currently holding on to their dreams slowly come back and have to accept reality.

The latest economic news paint a very ominous picture. You better hang on tight to your granite counter tops and faux columns to ride out what is coming next. It looks more and more like a double dip in housing.

2500 sq ft Max.

Anonymous said...

Our latest tract home McMansion with a major loss. This one sports a rather impressive 4500 sq ft.

ON MLS: H877812 asking $435K
Purchased: 4/2006 for $835K brand new from the builder.

That is a $400K loss just under 50%

More evidence these massive tract home Mcmansions are not holding their value.

2500 sq ft Max.