Tuesday, July 27, 2010

case shiller

prices increase in So. Fla. click

Thanks 140 re 51 st. interesting, the seller signed an option to sell in Feb of this year and buyer must have not exercised option,

click I read about all sorts of issues with lead with homes built before 1978 if my memory serves me correctly. has to do with paint. expensive as I recall. not that this had anything to do with this situation.

real estate listing here:

speaking of LHP. I sent one of those used house salesmen in LHP an inquiry. told them I might be interested in renting one of their listings. told them I was a home owner with a paid for home, and good tenant etc. self employed. net worth over 1 mil.
never heard back. imagine that. I will remember should I have a need for future services in that area to be sure and avoid this company. typical. times must be ultra good in lhp for the used house salesmen. I will however write the owner directly should I have further interest. Thinking about renting my house and renting out a house further south. want pool, dock, etc. don't want to decrease my standard of living as they say.

Max's mcmansion seems typical. Was out in wellington today on an errand at the mall.
nobody there. I wonder if the city of wellington is still employing janitor fish for the plethora of green pools. no doubt they are.

wrist getting better

Ms. J.


140 dollars per sq foot said...

Ms J, You might try calling Pamela Orr
She seems really good and responsive to me, I have been working with her for several years now.
She's real familiar with that area as well.
Every time we talk, she comments on how I had predicted these prices in LHP back years ago.
She was one of the few salespeople who seemed to get it back then too.
Tell her Ron from Ohio sent you.
1350 N. Federal Highway
Pompano Beach, Florida 33062
Cell: 954-695-3988
E-mail: pameladfb@aol.com
Fax: 954-545-1601

140 dollars per sq foot said...

$1 Mil Bath!
Mediterranean masterpiece,Custom Finishes, Floating grand foyer staircase, 1st Floor guest suite, covered patio, elevator, luxurious Master with sitting area. Forever water views just inside Hillsboro inlet. Eastern Exposure.Boat Lift Excluded
MLS# F1070300
Asking $1.6, sold for $2.6 in 2007