Thursday, January 28, 2010

Uof F

survey from the univ of Florida:click

how much time do you have?

New home sales drop:click yawn.

we like the part from the seeking alpha article that says new mcmansions in urban areas are not worth keeping even at the cost of 1 dollar. they were/are only good for the speculators who choose or didnt to exercise their buy option.

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of McMansions the carnage continues unabated.

ON MLS: M1294176 as of 14 hours ago asking $375K

Purchased: 7/2006 for $800K

That is 53% ($425K) loss from the price paid brand new from the builder.

How are the adjacent homes affected by this $375K asking price.

Purchased: 8/2006 for $999,500.00
Purchased 9/2006 for $899,400.00

Oh my!

2500 sq ft Max.