Thursday, January 28, 2010

In case you didnt know

Florida is:click

I always wondered about this:click this free lunch/rent/ thing irks me to the core. I have big time resentments about it. I can understand if someone has a severe health issue, death, but for healthy capable people its hard for me to find compassion. I remember when I was a young gal, a hundred years ago, or so it seems, by myself, working with no support whatsoever, living and working pay check to pay check, having to work through the pain of just having appendicitis surgery, wishing I could just catch a break for one month to make it through.... I will never forget those days. but I dont regret them either. If you put your money on the "pass" line expect two outcomes.

the good bad and the ugly:


bankers, 3 months foreclosure:click

did you read the part where it says, the banks wont go after the unpaid debt if the house isnt trashed?????

we agree March will be interesting, along with August when all those ARMS recast.
think of of a 400k mortgage going from 1300 a month to 2500 a month, big jump.


140 dollars per sq foot said...

The Bankers speeding it up link is broke.
The waterfront market has been eerily quiet lately, maybe sellers are holding out since it's peak sucker season in S Fla.
I predict that the log jam will break free sometime around March, and we will see a flurry of desperate price reductions on waterfronts.

140 dollars per sq foot said...

So the banksters want to speed up the foreclosure process so they can increase the shadow inventory?