Thursday, September 22, 2011

2015 economics

eh... what did I say six months ago?? second leg down.. hmmmmm looks like I am not far from wrong. Look what 100 economists say about housing recovery :click

Been following ray Dahlio nd while I am no experience or thoughts regarding economies it is interesting to note that Ray sees 2012 and 2013 as very difficult.
here is newyorker mag article, lengthy but worth the read:


an then there's martin armstrong who calls for slight bump in 2015 and 2032 is the number. click

supply and demand:
I vaguely remember 2015 as the number suze orman mentioned, not that I am fan or follow. interesting how 2015 comes to everyones conclusion.

click er... wait til the banksters start rolling out the foreclosures again.


140 dollars sq foot said...

I read some of the article about Dalio, and this quote from him sort of summed up financial genius to me.
"From the age of twelve, Dalio caddied at the nearby Links Golf Club, whose members included many Wall Streetinvestors. Some of them gave Dalio tips. The first stock he purchased was Northeastern Airlines,which soon received a takeover offer. Its shares tripled. “I figured that this was an easy game,” Dalio" Unquote
I've become rather jaded, and come to believe it's a rigged game, and those on the inside know what's going to make things happen long before they happen, and position themselves accordingly.
They either make them happen, or are privy to those insiders who do make them happen.
Good article though, and I am picking up some good points for myself from it.

140 dollars sq foot said...

Interesting article in the Sun today, they say there are approximately 6-7 years supply of housing in the shadow inventory in Florida.( Memory and sloppy mental math)
Much less nationwide.
First actual numbers I've seen in a while.

140 dollars sq foot said...

Anyone else notice the ironic similarity between Bridgewater and Blackwater?
Surely a coincidence. lol
An 'insiders' joke.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like a beer pong party to further bring down values.

2500 sq ft max

140 dollars sq foot said...

A rare bit of candor from the NAR The Looming Shadow: State Estimates of Shadow Inventory
The state by state estimate of shadow inventory presented here is based on the same method as described in the March 2010 shadow inventory article (PDF). Not unexpectedly, Florida, a judicial state, still ranks on top with largest shadow inventory. Since March 2011, the estimate has further expanded by over 46,000 more loans. In contrast, the second highest ranking state A California saw reduction of shadow inventory by some 11,000 loans. Illinois, previously ranking third, has now fallen to the fifth highest ranking state with shadow inventory shrinking by over 26,000 loans. New York and New Jersey, with a significant backlog of foreclosure inventory and a slow foreclosure process, are now the third and fourth highest ranking states.

140 dollars sq foot said...

According to the article, there are 488,000 homes in Floridas Shadow Inventory.