Friday, May 6, 2011

second dip

so the question remains will the predicted second dip come in housing? the second leg down? good question. we think so, but then we have been wrong more than once.

Had people look at our house, they were from Mexico, getting away from all the stuff thats going on down their way. They were supposed to make an offer but then everyone knows how that goes. so here we sit. thankfully, not over extended and not underwater. I cant complain. I love the area but the driving to Fort Lauderdale got old two years ago and with gas pricing approaching 5 bucks its getting expensive as well.

Deliquents: click

we see that a group bought a waterfront property in hallandale for 60 percent off:
click so maybe thats the number? they obviously have more insight and funds than me and the 60 off the loan amount not asking price.

squatter rent: click a new concept, free house and free money, the American way.

double dipped:click

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