Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Flippers folly

Here's one: click apparently the seller who purchased it from a bank for 400k last year, believes the recession is officially over and the property is now worth 295k more. purchase here: click how bout those 15k year taxes eh......we found one outstanding mtg for 300k. I guess he didn't get memo that I got from the local used house salesman.

Oh look, I like this guy, he predicts a fall in prices: click

more free houses???click

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140 dollars per sq foot said...

I remember that place languished on the market for years, they were asking some outrageous figure, like $8-900k.
It sat empty for years till they finally dropped the price.
This guy put a few bucks into it, now he's gonna flip it.
Huge lot, lots of frontage.